Directions to 706 West Lake Drive Cape May Point

From the Lehigh Valley: I take the Turnpike (476) south until it ends at Route 95, then go North on 95 and take the Walt Whitman bridge exit (at the stadiums). Head into NJ and keep going straight on Route 42 South until you come to the Atlantic City Expressway (ACE). Continue on the ACE until you hit the Parkway South. This way is the most expensive, but the quickest.

Other Points: Use what ever way you want to get to the Garden State Parkway and head south.

Take the parkway south until it ends. Go over the big bridge into Cape May.

Stay on this road for about 2 miles until you come to "T" at Colliers Liquor store (Green Building) Go to the right. You will be on West Perry Street. Continue going strait, at the 7-11, West Perry turns in to Sunset Blvd. Continue on Sunset heading out of Cape May. (Toward the light house, look to the left)

After about two miles you will see two big white pillars on the left. I think they say "Cape may Point" on them. Turn left, after about 400 feet, take the second left (actually a Y) onto lake Drive (it may be labeled as West Lake Drive)

It is the first house on the right. A tan single story house with a porch. The house number, 706, is on the front near the door. There is a also white light post in the front yard.

See Cape May Point Map (Note the Google Map location of the house is off by about 100 feet to the south)

706 Lake Drive, Cape May Point, NJ 08212