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Fierce Love

Doug | 12 May, 2009 14:19

I heard the term "Fierce Love" a few months ago. I knew what it meant but had a hard time describing it. Then, just yesterday while mowing the lawn it came to me. The following is my interpretation of "Fierce Love." Yours may differ! (Warning: naughty words!)


Fierce Love

Rumi is an asshole.
He can't argue because he's dust in a tomb.
Those oh so gentle words
won't keep the knife from your throat.

The shopkeeper says "Get out if you are not going to buy anything
and we are having a special on filth."
The stuff no one will buy, it is in the pit out back.

That wet your pants fear might actually help you here.
The man with a patch over his eye wants to slap you.
Forget all you know, even these words.
You think I have the secret, don't you?

Stop looking. There is no meaning, no reason, no perfect truth.
Life is about loss and vain attempts to forget.
You got a raw deal. Want your money back?
Then sell your opinions and remember.

And, if these words spit in your anger,
then fuck you. I am no cure.
Cry when you see the mirror.
You want to know, to understand, then forget who you are.
All the pleasant words will slowly choke you.

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