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Have You Had Enough?

What can one truly say about the senseless massacre of small children and those that care for them. I tried to put into words what I feel and what I call noble vulnerability.   (More)

No Retreat, No Surrender

I was sadden to hear Joe Frazier passed away. For those that don't know he was a boxer from Philadelphia. He lived in the town where I grew up. I met him several times and always received a big smile and a warm hand shake from the fists that beat  "the greatest.". Joe was...

Cult of Heroes: Or Why MKP And The NWTA Are A Lousy Cult

It is said that "mankind resists and fears change." There is much truth in this statement. Fear of change is natural and expected. Fear at its best provides heightened situational awareness and at its worst creates a distorted reality devoid of logic and clear thinking. Of course, no...

Mikes Cooler

I attended my 30 year Juniata college reunion recently. It was a wonderful weekend and at the same time the events that transpired shook me to the core.  (More)

Fierce Love

I heard the term "Fierce Love" a few months ago. I knew what it meant but had a hard time describing it. Then, just yesterday while mowing the lawn it came to me. The following is my interpretation of "Fierce Love." Yours may differ! (Warning: naughty words!)  (More)
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