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Not So Intelligent Design

Doug | 18 February, 2005 10:18

Although I try not to spend my time pondering many of the days news events, the intelligent design crew seems to have drawn my attention. I find it curious that this issue keeps surfacing. I suppose letting it out the closet once and a while can't hurt. I mean repackaged creationism is still creationism. Not that I want to tell you what to believe. It is just that patient critical thought seems to put things back in the closet. As such you may want to read on. Click (more).


Random Thoughts

Doug | 17 February, 2005 08:56

Recently I read this study about how seemingly random events can be influenced by those observing the events. According the article, this is a scientifically reproducible effect. Now that got me thinking. Click (More) to read the rest of my thoughts. (More)

An Honorable Man

Doug | 10 January, 2005 12:04

So I missed a few entries in the ol' Blog. My last one was Sunday May 30th. Time does not fly, time evaporates. A lot has happened since my last post. Most importantly, my father passed away on December 14th. For those who never met him, I have included his obituary below. An obituary is a pretty short lifes resume. Here is just one thing that was not in the newspaper.

My father was above all an honorable man. He played by the rules -- even when it was hard to do so. What ever he did, he did it right, he read the directions, and his children where always helping (begrudgingly holding the flash light -- or some such similar thing). I have learned that it takes courage and strength to live honorably. I will miss my father.




Forty Eight Times Around the Sun

Doug | 30 May, 2004 10:18

Yesterday was my birthday. So far, I made it forty eight years and a day. In addition to presents and blessings from my wonderful family, I got this little gem. Click (More) to find out what it was.


Welcome To Johnny's Garden

Doug | 07 May, 2004 11:38

The alpha post. So what is a blog? and why write. Click (More) for the rest of this post (More)
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