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The Path Paradox

Doug | 08 May, 2006 11:17

As I am fast approaching my 50th birthday I have taken pause to look at a few things that have bugged me over the years. One them is what I call the "Path Paradox". Never heard of such a thing. I'll bet you thought about it. (More)

How I Changed My Religion

Doug | 12 February, 2006 22:44

About twenty five years ago, I was working in a large bakery plant in Norristown, PA. Fresh out of college and on my way to graduate school, I was ready to take on the world. In college, I studied chemistry and computers. Science, for me, is a quest for truth and little did I know, I would find one my greatest truths in a hot bakery in July. (More)

Truth is Dancing

Doug | 23 March, 2005 10:22

I have been writing in this blog for almost a year. Of course, a mere seven entries does not seem quite enough. But, I tend to write when I think I have something to say. And, when I do write, I like to distill the essence. Each word has its role. The question with which I wrestle today is "Why share these words?" I believe I have answered this question. (Click More)


Flowers Are Optional

Doug | 10 March, 2005 08:53

When I first learned about Karma, it made no sense. There was no immediate cause and effect. If I copied someones homework, so what. The universe did not shake. If I did not get caught, there was no consequence. Karma, it seemed, was an option. (Click More)


Riders On the Storm

Doug | 25 February, 2005 11:30

And so last night I did something different. Amid the work deadlines and the snowstorm, I attended a concert with my wife. The very same day, I saw the concert in the paper, made some calls, and just went. Click More.

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